Seguros – The Ultimate Protector


A seguro is a beautiful little bottle of optimism and protection that fits perfectly in a pocket or bag. Hand-made by an artisan in Cusco, Peru, the capital of the ancient Inca Empire that stretched throughout S America, a seguro effortlessly absorbs any negativity you may be exposed to as you go through your day. If you have a difficult work meeting, you’re going out for supper with someone who you find challenging, or you have a stressful commute into work on packed public transport, these beautiful seguros can help keep you happy, centred and on track.

Each seguro is unique. & each object added to these little bottles is rich in symbolism – so, green thread helps boost the heart chakra to keep you emotionally strong and open, while red thread helps us maintain a strong foundation with the earth so we’re centred, grounded and strong. Similarly, figures of a couple promote relationship harmony, while the inclusion of a hand represents our ability to create and make things happen and shells symbolize happiness at home.
When you place your order, please select one of the following to enable us to chose the right seguro for you:

  • Wisdom and discernment
  • Happy family relationships
  • Work success
  • Love and intimacy
  • Good luck