Rose Quartz


Peruvian rose quartz is renowned for being a particularly deep rich pink which is especially pleasing to the eye, and comforting to the emotions. Rose quartz provides a wonderful antidote to sadness, grief and congestion in the heart or chest. Smaller wands can be carried in a pocket to provide comfort during stressful times, larger wands are perfect and beautiful ornaments for bedrooms and sitting rooms. This an especially good crystal for children.

We stock wands, pyramids and hearts. Each of our crystals is unique and contains intricate internal markings, bands or pockets of quartz with its neutralising and calming qualities,and inclusions of citrine to boost your personal power – but gently, in keeping with the general feel of this crystal.

All quartz are master crystals, meaning that they can be used to cleanse other crystals as well as amplifying its powers and properties – in both cases by resting the original crystal against the rose quartz.

Please note, as all our crystals are unique, the weight and size options are approximate. All crystals will be sent special delivery.