Your chance to own a piece of outer space, providing a gateway into the mysteries of the cosmos.

Peruvian meteorites are extremely rare; I have only ever encountered them in my artisan’s collection, and I have never come across them in a UK store. These stones fell from deepest space to land in Espinar, a region to the South of Cusco. Espinar is a hugely significant energy vortex that is home to many pre-Incan ceremonial sites, as well as canyons and valleys.

These meteorites are the most powerful stones in my collection. Harnessing the fire and its transformative properties, these crystals are magnets for difficult and heavy energy.  They act as a hoover, and provide a powerful and easy way to rid oneself of anger, anxiety and distress. Traditionally meteorites are either feminine or masculine. We stock both.

Please note, as all our crystals are unique, the weight and size options are approximate. All crystals will be sent special delivery.