Personalised Crystal Trio
The Yogi: Connect And Awaken


Anyone on a sincere spiritual path needs effective tools to plug in, connect and awaken. This trio of hand-picked crystals is your ticket to doing just that – even when you’re short of time. The crystals are powerful, yet pocket-sized for ease. & they each come with a bespokely-designed, quick and easy ritual teaching you how to use them for maximum effect. A personal power pack to add to your meditation practice enabling you to connect and awaken. Authentically.

What the trio consists of:

A Rose Quartz Heart – Reconnecting with yourself

These stunning hearts are filled with delicate internal markings, and when you gaze at them mindfully, they enable you to connect with the calm and peace that are your essence. Plugging in to this part of ourselves is the crucial first step to effective meditation, and spiritual awakening. The accompanying ritual is designed to help you to take that reconnection even further, lifting you out of overpowering mental chatter to connect with simple stillness and presence.

An Amethyst – Opening up your spiritual wisdom

The rich purple hues of these beautiful hearts are the hallmark of high-quality Peruvian amethyst. This stone balances and centres, as well as providing a tool to open the third eye, the seat of spiritual insight. Once we are present and steady, we’re ready to open up and empower our spiritual connection. The accompanying ritual enables you to ramp up your meditation practice so that you connect with your intuition, what Einstein called, ‘The only thing of value in life.’ When we’re connected with our intuition, we make good decisions with certainty.

A Pristine Quartz

In all spiritual traditions light is life, energy and optimism. The final stone in our shamanic power pack is your ticket to re-focusing, in a dynamic way, with your goals. These goals can be big or small – from ‘I want this afternoon’s pitch to a new business client to go well’ to ‘I want to have a great afternoon relaxing with my daughter.’ But the power of intention is huge in the shamanic tradition, and now we’re present and connected with our intuition, we’re ready set solid goals and to realise them.

With regular use, crystals can become dull and less powerful. To keep your trio in pristine condition – clean and energised – think about buying some Florida Water. You can also use Florida Water as a room spritz and a light perfume to keep you and your environment grounded and light.

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