LIMITED EDITION Personalised Crystal TrioEmpowerment Through Change


If you’re going through change and you need an extra shot of empowerment and inner strength, this trio is for you. Whether you’re going through a divorce, career change or challenge, financial contraction, bereavement, house move, the menopause, this trio will help you power up and power through.

Change is a fact of life. & yet for most of us, personal and professional changes lie at the root of some of life’s hardest challenges. This trio of hand-picked crystals is your go-to when you need a shot of extra strength, focus and self-belief. The crystals are powerful, yet pocket-sized for ease. & they each come with a bespokely-designed, quick and easy meditation ritual teaching you how to use them for maximum effect.

A veritable power pack that enables you to move gracefully through periods of change and challenge, releasing emotions such as frustration and anxiety, and reconnecting with trust, inner strength and focus.

What the trio consists of:

An Obsidian

When we’re in the depths of change, we can feel stuck in a tunnel with no light at the end of it. At these moments, it is particularly hard to be tolerant with ourselves and our situation, and to maintain our trust of life. This is where your obsidian comes in. Tolerance and protection are the hallmarks of this beautiful stone, and the accompanying meditation shows you how to connect with these properties yourself.

Formed from naturally occurring volcanic glass, obsidian harnesses the power of the fire to transform intolerance and distrust so that we’re able to keep walking forwards with confidence. Obsidian is a powerful eliminator of negativity (whether in your thinking or in your environment (if you work in a tricky, toxic office, for example) so simply having this stone to hand is a way of keeping yourself on track.

A Pyrite

Pyrite is a superb stone for boosting feelings of empowerment and detemination. The most powerful pyrites are those formed from unusual cuboids – just like yours. This beautiful little stone, then, packs a punch, and is your ticket to re-empowering yourself so that you feel strong, vital and clear, enabling you to power through, regardless of what may be happening in your external reality.

A Pristine Quartz

In all spiritual traditions light is life, energy and optimism. When we’re going through change and challenge, we can lose sight of the grand plan, our future goals and intentions. The final stone in our shamanic power pack, then, is your ticket to re-centering and re-connecting with yourself and your goals – in a dynamic way. The accompanying ritual is designed to ensure you retain hope, and remain open and dynamic. Whatever challenge we face in life – big or small – it’s vital not to lose our sense of self, our self-belief and our dreams for the future. When we keep connected with these, it’s so much easier to endure.

With regular use, crystals can become dull and less powerful. To keep your trio in pristine condition – clean and energised – think about buying some Florida Water. You can also use Florida Water as a room spritz and a light perfume to keep you and your environment grounded and light.

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