LIMITED EDITION Personalised Crystal Trio: From Stress to Calm


This trio of hand-picked crystals is your ticket to de-stressing effectively so that you’re able to reconnect with calm, confidence and a feeling of centred-ness quickly. The crystals are powerful, yet pocket-sized for ease.  & they each come with a bespokely-designed, quick and easy ritual teaching you how to use them for maximum effect. A power pack that enables you to transform difficult situations – whether in your personal or professional life – so that you can weather them, without them weathering you.

What the trio consists of:

A Meteorite

These meteorites fell from deepest space near the town of Ocangate in the high Andes. Ocangate stands under Ausangate, one of the most important and powerful Apus (mountains) in the Queros tradition.  Brought to my crystal supplier by an indigenous Queros healer, these are extremely special crystals that you won’t readily find elsewhere.

When we’re hit with negativity and challenge, we tend to harbour anxiety and resentment. It can be extremely hard to let this go, meaning that these natural emotions start to back up, leaving us in a permanent state of stress and tension. Used in the correct way, this meteorite provides the quickest and simplest way I have come across to let go of stress before it backs up and starts to cause deeper, more long-term issues emotionally and physically.

A Rose Quartz Heart

These stunning hearts are filled with delicate internal markings, bringing comfort and peace. After releasing the initial shock and tension, simple meditations with a rose quartz enable us to come back to a place of calm and openness. Prolonged stress can lead to cynicism and hardness; the ritual I have designed enables us to use rose quartz to ensure that we remain connected with our innate curiosity and kindness.

A Pristine Quartz Wand

In all spiritual traditions light is life, energy and optimism. The final stone in our shamanic power pack comes with a ritual that ensures we retain hope, and remain dynamic and focused on our goals. Whatever challenge we face, it’s vital not to lose our sense of self, our self-belief and our dreams for the future.

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With regular use, crystals can become dull and less powerful. To keep your trio in pristine condition – clean and energised – think about buying some Florida Water.

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