The rich colours of these stunning green fluorites are reminiscent of the sea’s evocative watery power. With unusual chevrons and bands of clear quartz and rich purple amethyst – to balance stress and wayward emotions, and to enhance your spiritual connection, respectively – each of these fluorites is unique. The depth of colour is exceptional, the cuts beautiful without being overly polished.

Fluorite is a special stone in the crystal world because it works on the top four chakras – opening the heart to bring in compassion, enhancing our ability to express ourselves and powering up our spiritual connection. Essentially, in a fluorite you have four crystals in one. Traditionally associated with the element of the wind, fluorites help us foster and master change, be it in our professional or personal lives.

Please note, as all our crystals are unique, the weight and size options are approximate. All crystals will be sent special delivery.