Limited Edition Crystal Trio: Out with the Old and In with the New


Out with the old and In with the new: A Personalised Crystal Trio to help you let go of the old and obsolete (a work project, relationship, behavioural pattern) and create the new with pizzazz!

These stones can be used throughout the year when you wish to mark the ending of the old and obsolete in your life, and add impetus to the creation of the new.  However, the end of the year is the natural time to reflect on the past, with a wish to leave both the successes and the failures of the past year and decade behind, with a view to starting the New Year and New Decade feeling positive, energised and confident.

Each of these beautiful trios of crystals has been hand-picked by me to help you or a loved one make the most of this special time of year. A personalised instruction leaflet shows you how to work with each crystal to create meaningful, swift and effective rituals to close the old, greet the new year with a grateful and open heart, and set your intentions for the new decade well. You can use each crystal and the accompanying ritual throughout the year when you wish to finish something – a work project, for eg – get present and grateful, and to set a goal – whether personal or professional.

Welcome to your personalised shamanic power pack!

Out with the old:

Aragonite from the arid desert in the South of Peru

With its rich gold-brown colour and pretty natural markings, aragonite symbolises the potency of the earth, and the fire at its core. It is a deeply grounding stone, that enables us to be present and fully cognisant of anything that needs to come to an end in our lives, as well as empowering us to let go.  The accompanying visualisation ritual teaches you how to use this stone to maximum effect.

Getting Present

Chrysocolla from Nazca, near the ancient Nazca Lines in the South of Peru

The intense green colour of Chrysocolla naturally opens the heart boosting feelings of gratitude and love, and helping us leave behind feelings of bitterness and regret. Before we can step into the new cycle, getting to this space of open-heartedness is crucial. This crystal also enhances our powers of forgiveness, enabling us to be more at peace with ourselves and others.  Again, the accompanying bespokely-designed visualisation ritual enables you to use this stone to maximum effect any time you wish to connect with peace and gratitude.

In with the New – setting goals with optimism

Pristine Quartz

In all spiritual traditions light is life, optimism and positivity. Work with the intense light in these beautiful quartzes with their stunning internal markings and inclusions to set intentions for this new cycle, ensuring this new year, and new decade, are filled with joy, productivity, health and serenity. The accompanying visualisation shows you how to use this powerful crystal any time you wish to set a new intention well.

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