Clear Quartz


Quartz has the most regular atomic structure of any object, explaining why it’s used in watches and clocks to measure time accurately. This consistency also means that quartz is a powerful antidote to both physical tension – such as headaches and period pain – and emotional disequilibrium – anxiety, fatique and depression. In my option, every household should have one!

We stock wands and hearts, each with beautiful inner markings, together with inclusions of yellow citrine and red oxide, making each unique. The larger wands contain naturally-formed markings reminiscent of mountainous landscapes and snowstorms. An exceptionally beautiful purchase.

All quartz are master crystals, meaning that they can be used to cleanse other crystals as well as amplifying its powers and properties – in both cases by resting the original crystal against the quartz.

Please note, as all our crystals are unique, the weight and size options are approximate. All crystals will be sent special delivery.