Citrine Quartz Wands


These exceptionally beautiful wands are extremely rare; this is the first time that my artisan has had them in stock. Citrine gives the clear quartz a slighty golden hue which is very unusual. Natural inner markings resemble the shape of Machu Picchu, the mountains and valleys of the Andes, snowstorms and the Milky Way. Inside are naturally-formed inclusions (markings) of citrine (yellow) and oxide (red), symbolising transformation, and demonstrating the power of these stones. Exceptional crystals that make beautiful ornaments, and a luxurious purchase.

In addition, citrine is generally associated with augmenting our personal power and presence. So if this is a time in your life that you wish to be more visible, and yet more protected, stronger and clearer, these wands are certainly ones to consider.

Please note, as all our crystals are unique, the weight and size options are approximate. All crystals will be sent special delivery.