Peruvian amethysts are known for their high quality, and richness of colour. Compare them with amethysts from other countries, and the richness and intensity of the purple is obvious. Our amethysts are especially beautiful with their intricate internal markings, bands of clear quartz throughout the stones, and inclusions (coloured marks in a crystal). We stock cut wands, pyramids and hearts, together with rough-cut crystals in their natural state.

Amethysts harness all the properties of quartz, being part of the same family, so they’re excellent at neutralising physical pain and emotional turbulence. In addition, they both open up and enhance, your spiritual connection.

These amethysts are master crystals, meaning that they can be used to cleanse other crystals as well as amplifying its powers and properties – in both cases by resting the original crystal against the amethyst.

Please note, as all our crystals are unique, the weight and size options are approximate.