The Corona Reboot 3: In it for The Long Haul: Get Grounded, Strong, Calm and Hopeful

‘I got so much out of the Corona Reboot. I came away feeling lighter and de-stressed, and yet energised and focussed. What I received exceeded my expectations, and Zoom was just as effective as in person work, and actually a bit more private and personal as you are in your own space.’ Michael, Composer

When: 7pm-9pm, UK time: 4 February, 11 February, 18 February, 25 February 2021

Where: Zoom – link to be sent to you by email the day before the event.

How much: £545 for the whole workshop series; £150 for an individual session

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Join me, LIVE, for this four-part workshop series. As many parts of the world contend with the third wave of Covid-19, the pressure on our mental and emotional health is higher than ever. Now is the moment we – and our loved ones – need swift and effective tools to keep our spirits high, our confidence solid and our outlook positive.

This workshop series is your ticket to powerfully boosting your mental and emotional fortitude and  reconnecting with wellness, clarity, happiness and hope. Distilling the best of the 20,000 year old Andean shamanic traditions I have been studying and practising for 2 decades, this course is a meaningful and powerful investment in your future. 

Each week, I’m offering a NEW visualisation specifically designed around that evening’s theme to get you clear, strong and focused. This is re-enforced with a beautiful sound ceremony providing a powerful mental and emotional detox so you re-centre, and feel calm and refreshed. 

Each session builds on the previous week’s work, so for optimal results, come to the full 4 workshops, and receive an 10% discount.  If you prefer, you can also drop in to the individual evening session that suits.

Similar in structure to my Shamanic Immersion weekends, this series is suitable for ANYONE.

We are living through a global transition – with ripple effects that shall be felt for years. This is a time when keeping our personal ships in order is more important than ever. Only by doing this, can we live with joy, and pay forward that wellbeing and strength to positively influence our families, friends and wider society. 

What results can you expect?

* A profound detox of mental stress and emotional turbulence leaving you grounded, connected and at peace – HOWEVER YOU FEEL WHEN YOU ARRIVE
* Feeling noticeably calmer, stronger and more optimistic
* A clearer, more balanced perspective on the current challenges
* Being less reactive in daily life
* Feeling more centred, in control and empowered
* Greater resilience in day-to-day life, and over the long-term
* Enhanced wellbeing – similar to how you feel after an extended dietary detox, but in a much shorter time and without the inconvenience of fasting or juicing
* Enhanced clarity about who you are and where you’re going 
* Noticeable improvements in stress-related physical symptoms – insomnia, lower back pain, IBS, headaches etc
* Feeling reconnected to Nature, joy and hope – authentically.

How it works

* Each week, we kick off with a grounding visualisation to get present and release stress
* This is backed up with a long, strong sound ceremony – rattling, whistling – to detox mental chatter & emotional overwhelm and promote feelings of peace and clarity.
See video below for more info about my sound work.
* We finish with a tailored visualisation that I have designed around that week’s particular theme to give you tangible intuitive insights into how to remain calm, strong, focused and connected to joy and hope.
See the video below for more info about my tailored visualisations.
* This is a PRIVATE workshop that enables you to do your own internal process.
* There is no enforced sharing, and everyone will be working simultaneously.
* You’re in the driving seat, and you will decide how deep you go.
* While we begin each session sitting upright as part of our circle, you will spend most of our time together lying down, relaxing.
* The group is small – numbers are capped to ensure you receive personalised attention, and your experience is deep. Also that you feel part of a circle, and community of like-minded individuals. I have had a lot of feedback from my previous two Corona Reboots about how important this enhanced sense of belonging is at the moment.

The Weekly Themes:

* Week 1: Get Present, Grounded and Reconnected to Mental and Emotional Fortitude
Anxiety, uncertainty and stress generate overwhelming mental chatter, uncomfortable emotional turbulence and exhaustion. This strains relationships, and undermines our ability to function. Kicking off with powerful grounding work, this first session is primarily devoted to powerfully detoxing any thoughts and emotions keeping us stuck, stressed and disempowered. Our second visualisation gives insights into how to stoke the internal fires of strength and self-belief going forwards, so that we remain centred and together. 

How are we working?
To recalibrate, first of all, we need to ground – coming back into our bodies which automatically slows us down and reconnects us with the parasympathetic nervous system. When we’re grounded, we’re present – meaning that we’re in much closer alignment with what we’re really feeling, both emotionally and physically. Off the back of this self-awareness, we’re ready to commence a strong mental and emotional detox c/o a potent sound ceremony. Building on the still and calm space we’re in post this work, the final visualisation gives us insights into how we can remain connected to resilience and confidence, going forwards.

* Week 2: Reconnect with Hope

The key to everything!  If we can retain hope in our hearts, we can master any challenge.

After a visualisation exercise devoted to grounding and reconnecting with all of ourselves – the heart and body, as well as the mind – we commence a strong detox c/o a beautiful sound ceremony, leaving us feeling rested and refreshed.  Expect to go deeper this week. Drawing on this space of stillness, our final visualisation enables us to connect with Hope – teaching each of us what this looks like and feels like for us and what steps we can take to remain connected with optimism in both the short and the longer term.  These insights will be tangible and useful, and you will likely want to make a note of them to remember them over the coming weeks. 

* Week 3: Reconnect with Belonging and Joy

Extended lockdowns can leave us feeling isolated, disconnected and joyless. Yet we are all part of the Natural world, from which true belonging comes. & from a deep reconnection with Nature, we can rediscover joy.

As usual, a grounding visualisation gets us present and an aesthetic and powerful sound ceremony enables us to deeply relax and ditch the mental chatter and emotional disquiet that see us contract, unable to open to Nature or things of beauty. By now, you will find it much easier and quicker to respond to the sound. Building on this work, today’s final visualisation is a joyful and meaningful way of reconnecting with the Natural world, fostering a sense of belonging and learning how to stay reconnected and plugged in, going forwards.

* Week 4: Get Clear & Ready for 2021

While it feels like 2020 segway-ed into 2021 without much celebration, the truth is that we are at the beginning of a new cycle – with Spring around the corner.  In the shamanic tradition, the setting of intentions is crucial to realising our dreams. After grounding and detoxing through the sound ceremony, today’s visualisation gives us an opportunity to let go of the things from 2020 that no longer serve us, while enabling us to identify our authentic goals for 2021 and how to realise them. Using our imagination and creativity, we finish our course looking forwards to the Spring, and the inevitable hope and potential it symbolises.

I have been doing online work with my international clients for over a decade. Many of them have never met me in person, and this approach is easily as potent as in-person work.

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What people are saying:

I arrived [at Anna’s online Corona Reboot] feeling really low with crippling anxiety, and by the end of the sound ceremony, it had gone. The next day I was like a completely different person – energised, motivated and positive. Deeply relaxing from the comfort of your home, yet as powerful and safe as in person work.

Ewa Szteinduchert, Lawyer and Insurance Claims Director

[Three days with Anna] enabled me to accept who I am. I haven’t smoked [since], I’ve made up with my mum, I’ve looked people in the eye, I’ve finished therapy, and I haven’t been lonely once. Jessie Brinton writing in Harper’s Bazaar

The crushing guilt I felt about my divorce and my children has lifted. The brightness button has been turned up on my life. I feel peaceful, as if I’ve been meditating on a mountain in Tibet for 3 years. I feel like myself. A good, sorted, confident version of me. Sharon Walker writing in Red Magazine

I have done two four-day retreats with Anna. Each has left me feeling like I have completed seven years of cognitive therapy. The progress I have made still amazes me and I feel light, strong and free. I met Anna when she gave a talk at Greenpeace, and I have now brought her to The Netherlands to work with my team. Inge Wallage, International Communications Director, Greenpeace

Life is more fulfilling. I feel more grounded in reality. My ability to empathise has increased hugely and I get more out of people, yet I’m less worried what they think of me. I’m a lot happier in who I am. Confidence has replaced cockiness. My work with Anna hasn’t crushed my drive, it’s tempered it. I make better work decisions, and I have the ability to stop, while I see other colleagues go way beyond with extra work that doesn’t take them where they want to go. Robert, Executive Accountant, ICAP [As told to Sunday Times, 27 April 2014]

About Anna

Anna distils the very best from shamanic techniques, and blends them with the most effective modern approaches to assist her clients in handling the inevitable challenges of daily life, and attaining sustainable inner peace. In her hands, shamanism becomes accessible, dynamic and relevant spirituality for the 21st century.

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