C Noueri, Finland

“My first encounter with Anna was through her inspiring book, The Shaman In Stilettos. The first shamanic “conversion” I could relate to. I had done a lot of work through psychotherapy and other more experiential self-help methods to overcome a long history of addiction and depression. Although I had talked for years on end, I felt that I needed to go deeper in order to achieve some long lasting changes. Anna offered, through her knowledge and guidance, an untapped world of resources that allowed me to reach into the depths of realms and levels I didn’t even know lived inside me. She has helped me shift some deep traumas from childhood. I touched upon and released emotions that had been standing in my way for too many years preventing me from following my path. Anna has been an incredible guide and enabler. She is rock solid in her approach and support. Since I have started working with her I have become much more grounded and feeling a connection with the earth which is often lost when one engages on a spiritual journey. But most importantly, I feel that Anna has emphasised, through her work and presence, my strength and integrity in my journey that is this life. In practical terms, my anxiety which has been debilitating has considerably dissipated and my battle with addictions and depression is not ruling my life anymore. Anna has helped me see myself for who I am and not making excuses for being me. I cannot recommend embarking on a journey with her enough. Thank you, Anna. I am forever grateful.”

About Anna

Anna distils the very best from shamanic techniques, and blends them with the most effective modern approaches to assist her clients in handling the inevitable challenges of daily life, and attaining sustainable inner peace. In her hands, shamanism becomes accessible, dynamic and relevant spirituality for the 21st century.

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