Spain: A Five Day Transformative Retreat

Spain: A Five Day Transformative Retreat

Spain 2018: A Five Day Transformative Retreat

When: 2-7 June & 8-13 Sept
Where: Suryalila Retreat Centre, Seville, Andalucia, Spain
How much: £2,275 (Full board, including all the work with Anna, a take-away booklet and materials. Excluding flights and transfers)

There are times in life when we all need to retreat, take a breather, and look within to fundamentally change how we feel about ourselves and our lives.

This bespoke five-day retreat offers that opportunity.

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Calgary 2018: A Six Day Transformative Retreat

Calgary 2018: A Six Day Transformative Retreat

Calgary 2018: A Six-Day Transformative Retreat

When: 12-17 July 2018
Where: Chimney Rock Ranch Retreat, Nanton, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
How much: £5055 or CAD9200

After our opening ceremony in the beautiful grounds beneath the ancient American-Indian Vision Quest site that stands above our retreat centre, we will be using all the techniques I have learnt over the past 15 years to swiftly dissolve stress and mental overload, find emotional equilibrium, re-discover optimal physical health, and come to a place of sustainable inner peace. This retreat is themed around working with the elements and will include visualisation and sound work in ancient forests, by pristine waterfalls and over a fire pit.

Limited to just 5 people, this very special retreat will be themed around feminine power.  The Dalai Lama has said, ‘The world will be saved by the Western woman.’ The feminine principle is defined by creative, intuitive, long-term, community-oriented, team-building thinking. In our modern culture, the feminine tends to be ignored in favour of the dynamic, active, short-term motivated masculine principle. Yet as women, spaces that support the feminine are vital so that we feel authentically strong, held and nourished. From this springboard, we can invest the best of ourselves into our families, our relationships and friendships, and our professional worlds. On a global level, it is by standing strong in the feminine that a more harmonious, sustainable, environmentally-aware future can be created.

During our days together, we shall be exploring what feminine power (as opposed to masculine force) is, developing our connection with it and enhancing this gentle, yet potent, energy within each of us, both as individuals and as a group.

Places are strictly limited.

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About Anna

Anna distils the very best from shamanic techniques, and blends them with the most effective modern approaches to assist her clients in handling the inevitable challenges of daily life, and attaining sustainable inner peace. In her hands, shamanism becomes accessible, dynamic and relevant spirituality for the 21st century.

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