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Inner Calm Every Day

This live online course provides a highly personalised, effective and enjoyable way to bust stress and promote sustainable inner calm. Knowing how to induce and maintain calm massively impacts our performance, personally and professionally, and enables us to connect to joy and fulfilment every day. There is no greater gift we can give ourselves – and those we love.

From Stress to Inner Calm & Authentic Confidence in 30 Days

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Overrun with mental chatter? Struggling with insomnia, anxiety, headaches, IBS?

Do you need to slow down, but have no time to do so? Do you want to create some inner space and time out, but have no idea where to begin?

Wanting to be calm, confident and in control? But no time to go to a workshop or retreat?


About Anna

Anna distils the very best from shamanic techniques, and blends them with the most effective modern approaches to assist her clients in handling the inevitable challenges of daily life, and attaining sustainable inner peace. In her hands, shamanism becomes accessible, dynamic and relevant spirituality for the 21st century.

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